Best Fashion Bracelets for Bracelet Lovers

It’s Friday! I love this saying especially when I am Zoie says it. He is super funny and one of my favorite YouTubers. But that’s not the topic for today.
So in addition to loving to laugh, I love bracelets. Bracelets are just super cute and I Love to wear them as well as make them.

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So for this reason Shopping for bracelets is something I do often. Today I will be sharing with you 6 bracelets that I consider to be absolutely fab! Some are items that I will be purchasing soon and you can purchase them too (if you like them of course).
Beaded Stackable Bracelet

I love this set for many reasons. First, the white is absolutely stunning and it makes for a chic look. Second, it has a mixture of styles that are trending right now (beads, fashion diamonds, and gold bead separators). I will be treating myself to this bracelet for Christmas just to add it to my collection. I can just imagine how it would look on my wrist, I do have long fingers so I might need to get my nails done just to carry it off. Feel free to suggest cute nail polishes for me to try out. I love them!
Shop this fab bracelet here: Beaded Stackable Bracelets
Beaded Multilayer Bracelets 

There is not much to say about this bracelet other than it is simply beautiful. The colors work for me, it has layers but its still small and just neat. Let’s not ignore the beautiful beadwork, simply amazing.
Shop this super cute bracelet here: Bead Multi Layer Bracelet
Message Charm Expandable Wire Bracelet 

This is a bracelet with meaning which makes it even more fabulous. Its always good to have nice meaningful quotes in sight. It really makes your days better just reading something positive. It’s also really simple and cute, it can definitely be paired with your favorite outfits. You may also be able to add another charm.
Shop this cute and meaningful bracelet here: Message Charm Expandable Wire Bracelet
Yoga Balancing Bracelet with Elephant 

This bracelet will be a perfect Christmas gift for a loved one or for yourself. I can just picture how beautiful it will look in your jewelry box. I love this bracelet because its beaded and I prefer beaded jewelry over all other types. Although I’m a Turtle person I must say that the Elephant is a great touch. Added to this, it is a balancing bracelet. For what it’s worth it is said that they have healing powers and balances energy. However, my opinion is that its a matter of what you believe. I love this bracelet because it’s beautiful but if you love it for healing then that’s you.  The mind is a powerful thing, that I know for sure.
Shop this bracelet here: Yoga Balancing Bracelet with Elephant 
Hemp Cord and Beaded Bracelet Set (unisex)

Men I did not leave you out. I made sure to include two bracelets for men and this is the first one. This is a hemp cord bracelet which features the tree of life. The brown is my favorite because its more earthy but the black is very nice as well. I love the variation of sizes and the addition of the beads works in my eyes.
Shop this set here: Hemp Cord and Beaded Bracelet Set (unisex)
Tiger Eye Stone Bead Bracelet (set)

This is a great unisex item and is a great bracelet set for couples. As I stated I love beaded jewelry. In fact, I make a lot of beaded jewelry which I intend to share with you all very soon. Tiger eye is also one of my favorite crystals, I love how it transitions between shades of brown. It truly is beautiful.  Now, while I haven’t purchased this item, I did use it as inspiration for a handmade bracelet that I gifted to my boyfriend. If you would like a post on making beaded jewelry just let me know in the comments below.
Shop this neat set here:  Tiger Eye Stone Bead Bracelet  
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So, which item is your favorite? 
Until next time. Faith x Turtles


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