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    Pros and Cons of Hemp Milk as a Milk Substitute

    Have you heard good or bad things about hemp milk? or have you never heard of hemp milk? If you never heard of hemp milk then this article will introduce you to it and provide you with the pros and cons of hemp milk.  What is hemp milk?  Hemp Milk is a form of plant-based milk that is slowly making its way as the mainstream alternative to cows milk.  Similar to other kinds of plant-based milk, hemp milk is made from seeds. The seeds used to produce hemp milk is .. none other than hemp seeds. But, no need to worry, the seeds from the hemp plant only contain trace…

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    What Jamaicans Eat for Christmas – Food Guide

    Hey Guys! so being that food is a huge part of a Caribbean Christmas, I’ve decided to bring you a post on Caribbean Food. From the start of Blogmas, I’ve been Telling you all about My Experience Growing up in Antigua and Barbuda. But today I g=will give you a guide to Jamaica Food. The still of this post will be embedded youtube videos of some of my favorite Jamaican Food. So what are Jamaicans Eating For Christmas? My Mom is Jamaican so although I grew up in Antigua I ate mostly Jamaican meals. Now this first item I will list is not what most people will have for breakfast…

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    A Beach and a Bread Shop (Things to do in Antigua and Barbuda)

    I have been very busy lately. Working on my thesis has been a lot, so I am focused on that. Apart from being busy, I was Moody. I am Homesick. For the new year, I would love to take a trip home. I miss my family and friends and I miss the Beach! Did you know that Antigua and Barbuda has 365 beaches? One for each day of the year. I have only been to about 20 of the beaches which was a goal I made. My best friend and I love to go to the beach and although we have our favorites we often try new ones. Here is…