Pure Coconut Oil Handcrafted Bar Soap

All Natural Coconut Oil Bar Soap for body and hair cleansing.


This handmade Coconut Oil Soap from Joys From Nature is made from all organic ingredients. This bar gives you the perfect cleanse with a joyous feeling.

Each bar is made by hand in a small batch, using the cold-press method of soapmaking.

For hair:

This bar is perfect for Natural’s (Loose Naturals and Dreadlocks) as it is a chemical-free soap that will really cleanse your hair. You also do the environment some good by not using shampoo bottles.

Directions: Wet Hair then lather with the soap bar. Wash as you normally would with any shampoo.

For skin:

Directions: Wet bar soap then lather rag or other material of choice.

How to store: Handmade Soap is best when kept dry. We recommend that once you begin using the soap, you place it on a soap tray that allows draining

Ingredients: Saponified Oil of Coconut.


This bar is handmade by myself and Eri. We hope you enjoy it; leave us a review if you do <3. 


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