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    Visual Loc’d Hair Journey – The old and the current.

    Hey Friends, I wanted to create a visual Loc Journey, showcasing my first set of Locs as well as my current set. Both sets of locs were started with finger coils. This post will be only pictures and maybe a few dates. Happy browsing. Journey 1 (01-4-17 to 07-11-18) Journey #2 – Current You made it to the end. This is it for now. I will keep updating this post on a monthly basis. Thank you for reading!

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    How to Make a Braided Wig- without a lace closure

    Braided wigs are IN! and because they are in, I’m here to give you a quick guide on how to make a braided wig, without a lace closure. In the past, we had to sit for hours to get braids installed. However, times have changed and I must say, it’s for the better. Faith n Turtles is a member of the amazon affiliate program. Each time you purchase using my affilaite link, I earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you for supporting us. There are many benefits to owning a braided wig. Such as: Time- A braided wig will save you time because once its…

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    7 Month Loc’d Hair and Life Update – with Pictures

    I’ve been on this Loc Journey for 7 months! The journey has been long and beautiful. Just like there have been many changes in my life there have been any changes with my Locs. I have grown and my Locs have grown. I have become stronger in myself and my Locs have become thicker as well. Having Locs has been teaching me a lot about life and myself. Well! That was a nice start. Hey Yall! It has been a while since I have blogged, I think my last post was in October. A lot has happened. I figured the best way to get back into things (blogging wise) while…

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    Pros and Cons of Hemp Milk as a Milk Substitute

    Have you heard good or bad things about hemp milk? or have you never heard of hemp milk? If you never heard of hemp milk then this article will introduce you to it and provide you with the pros and cons of hemp milk.  What is hemp milk?  Hemp Milk is a form of plant-based milk that is slowly making its way as the mainstream alternative to cows milk.  Similar to other kinds of plant-based milk, hemp milk is made from seeds. The seeds used to produce hemp milk is .. none other than hemp seeds. But, no need to worry, the seeds from the hemp plant only contain trace…

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    22 Ways to Prevent Common Sleep Problems

    Sleeping problems are often a common occurrence because many people do not get enough sleep. People may not get enough sleep for reasons such as stress, working too many hours, partying and even health conditions. This then leads to sleep problems which also causes the person to get less sleep. It’s a cycle. On the other hand, there are sleep conditions where a person might be sleeping too much or may be having issues while still asleep. As well as, there are people that are affected by sleep disorders such as sleep apnea, insomnia, and sleepwalking. There are also health issues that may affect sleep such as anxiety and depression.…

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    How to Care for Starter Locs in a Protective Style

    If you do a protective style on your starter locs you must still care for them. A few weeks ago I installed Faux Locs over my starter locs. Other protective styles that I’ve done over locs are box braids and twist. If you would like to know how to do this protective style you can see the post here. I kept in the faux locs for over 1 month. In this post, I will be sharing with you the steps that I took to care for my starter locs while wearing faux locs as a protective style. Protective Styling The Aim of Protective Styling is to protect your hair, meaning…

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    7 Beautiful Women YouTubers with Locs

    How many YouTubers with locs do you follow? When starting a new Loc Journey the first thing many of us do is go to youtube. I know for sure that I go to youtube or blogs for almost everything. In this post, I will be sharing with you 7 women YouTubers with Locs. Many of them I have been following for years so I really hope that you enjoy this post and also check out their content. 7 Women Youtubers with Locs 1. Lucid LivingTV Her Channel Description – My name is Auset EyowaKu, welcome to my channel! Here, you will see a variety of metaphysical content that I am…

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    How to Start Locs with Two-Strand Twists for Thick Locs

    Starting Locs with two-strand twists is the traditional way of achieving locs as a hairstyle. Growing up, I saw many people starting their locs with two stand twist. However, for my first set of locs, I decided to start them with finger coils and I was pleased with that decision so I used the same method to restart my locs after cutting the first set.  With two stand twist, your locs will generally form thicker than if you start them with finger coils. If thick locs are your heart’s desire then starting locs with two-strand twist may be right for you. Related: How to start locs with finger coils What…

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    How To Make Travel Packing Safer with Packing Cubes

    Yes, packing cubes can make your travels safer. Packing can be a stressful and tedious task for many people. Often you hear people say, “I love to travel but I hate to pack”. Packing can be a handful, especially when traveling with children. I usually travel with my siblings and it is rough! In the early years of traveling, I’m sure packing was always something you left for the last minute. But, with all the mishaps that can occur, you quickly learned that it was a bad idea.  With that said, you are fortunate enough to stumble upon this article. In this post, I will tell you ways in which you…

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    Boost Your Mood Every day by Stretching the Stress Away

    I know it sounds cliche to say that working out or stretching will boost your mood but I will say it anyway. Working out will boost your mood. However, as a working woman with many things to do, perhaps a business to run and even children it may be hard to find the time to work out. No worries, in this article, I will share with you one tip to help boost your mood and get you working out. I will also give you 5 ideas of places that you can get the work done; adding it seamlessly into your day. And, if you do work out on a regular,…