Loc Journey Sticky Notes



It’s the Locs for me Sticky Notes | Dreads Clip Art Sticky Notes, women with locs, Loc Queen, Black Woman gifts for loc’ d naturals

These sticky notes are a whole vibe!! They are perfect for every stage of your loc journey + these are great gifts for anyone with locs!!!

Sticky notes are one of the best tools for productivity and organization. They have also become a great wellness tool. Here are a few ways you can use your purchase:

  1. Write daily notes for yourself or others
  2. Jot down an affirmation to repeat daily
  3. Use them in your planner
  4. They are great for annotating while reading books or for use as bookmarks
  5. Create sticky note task flows to ensure you are staying productive.
  6. Origami
  7. Sooo much more!

These are cute and colorful. It is perfect for everyday use! and will look great in your office. Our products are high quality as they are custom printed Post-it® Sticky Notes.

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