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Faith n Turtles- A lifestyle blog about wellness, caring for dreadlocks (locs), using holistic tools, and living life the best way we know-how.


Heyyy, I am Shanice DK and… 

Welcome to Faith n’ Turtles.

What does Faith N Turtles mean?

Faith n’ Turtles (FnT) is my masterpiece on the World Wide Web. The name Faith n’ Turtles was coined in 2017 when I was experiencing a very difficult time in my life. The phrase was intended for a tattoo that signified: my belief in God (Faith), my authentic self (Faithful) and my zeal to live a long healthy life filled with wellness, happiness, and love (Turtles). 

Fun Fact: I never got that tattoo but a year later what I got was even greater. I got the name for a blog that means the world to me and represents everything I want to share. God really knows how to bring our purpose to life. 

I believe that my purpose is to teach, inspire, be inspired and to spread joy and happiness throughout the world.

Life gets hard, plain, and simple. Sometimes I wish there was a manual on life but sad to say there is no rule. What we do have, however, is each other and we can help.

That’s what my content is about, I share what I learn and practice in hopes to help someone else.

On this blog, you can find content on:

  • Caring for Locs
  • Practicing wellness and self-care
  • Healing holistically
  • Occasional Randoms, Reviews and DIY’s

About our author

Shanice DK is a freelance writer who specializes in writing beauty and wellness articles. As far as she can remember, Shanice has always loved writing. In 2018, after Shanice had completed her first degree in Psychology, she began freelance writing as a way to make ends meet while attending graduate school.

In November of 2018, the blog FnT was created as an outlet for Shanice to stay occupied while dealing with traumas that occurred that same year. For Shanice, FnT became the only place where she felt safe to express herself, often on topics that were not directly related to the issues she was experiencing.

One of those topics became hair. In the wake of 2018 when things were less than appealing, Shanice made the decision to cut off her Locs as a way to cope and mark her 23rd year on earth. The blog, then became a space to discuss natural hair. Over, the course of the year the blog grew.

In June 2019, Shanice decided to restart her loc journey. FnT then became all about caring for locs as Shanice noticed that information surrounding the care of locs was not readily available and in cases that it was, it was outdated.

Hair is a big part of the identity of ‘Black people’, especially women. For Shanice, Locs or dreadlocks is an even bigger part. As a child, she saw how people like her grandfather were mistreated for simply having deadlocks. And so, she has made it her mission to share more about dreadlocks in hopes of removing some of the negative beliefs that surround it.


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