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Welcome to Faith n’ Turtles.

Faith n’ Turtles is my masterpiece on the World Wide Web. The name Faith n’ Turtles was coined in 2017 when I was experiencing a very difficult time in my life. Mostly with my mental health. The phrase was intended for a tattoo which signified: my belief in God (Faith), my authentic self (Faithful) and my zeal to live a long healthy life filled with happiness and love (Turtles). 

Fun Fact: I never got that tattoo but a year later what I got was even greater. I got the name for a blog that means the world to me and represents everything I want to share. God really knows how to bring our purpose to life. 

I believe that my purpose is to inspire, be inspired and to spread joy and happiness throughout the world.

Life gets hard sometimes (I know we know this). Sometimes I wish there was a manual on life but sad to say there is no rule book but we have each other and we can help. That’s what my content is about, I share what I learn and practice in hopes to help someone else.

“It’s not about the issue, it’s how you cope.”


My Content

  • Natural Hair
  • Tips on managing your Mental Health
  • Posts on Psychology and Life
  • Occasional Randoms, Reviews and DIY’s
A little about me: I love life although I’ve had my fair share of trauma. Nothing gets me all the way down and I always put my best foot forward. Shy? Yes, Very. Hardworking, Strong, Courageous? Also Yes, Very. Credentials: God, Books, Faith, B.S Psychology, M.S Criminology (Pursuing). Happiness Scale: 5 – Always

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