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    How to Make a Braided Wig

    Have you ever wanted to wear a wig but it’s not really your thing? Personally, I never quite caught on to the Brazilian hair train. But, a wig was needed being that I just started my Locs. So, I decided to make myself a braided wig and in this post I’m sharing all the details. How To Make a Braided Wig I’ll be jumping right into the post because it might be quite long. Firstly, these are the list of items that you will need. Items needed to make a braided wig: A mannequin head. I purchased the mannequin head below from amazon for the low! click photo to view…

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    Tips on How to Wash Starter Locs

    Starting Locs can be the best hair decision for many people. However, it may start to become challenging if you are unsure about how to properly care for your locs. Washing your starter dreadlocks is a big part of caring for them. In this article, I will give you a few tips on how to wash starter locs. How To Wash Starter Locs Regardless of the method used to start your dreadlocks, you need to take care when washing them. The following tips will be applicable to your dreadlocks regardless of the starting method but I must say that my experience has been with the finger coils method. Feel free…

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    How to Start Locs with Finger Coils

    So you want to start Locs? Well, Finger Coils/ comb coils form a great base for starter Locs and you’ll learn how to do them in this article. If Locs are your next hair decision, I am happy you are at that place. Locs has been a part of Black History for a long time. Despite it being looked down on and discriminated against, the hairstyle has persevered. It has even developed into faux Locs and Crochet Braid Faux Locs among others. Why Start Locs with Finger Coils ? There are many ways in which you can start Locs. Here are a few ways: Finger or Comb Coils Two Strand…