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Curly Afro-Puff PonyTail for quick styles, Review

This is a review of a cheap curly Afro-Puff Drawstring Hair Piece. When I saw this Afro Puff Hair Piece on Amazon for less than $10 I was skeptical of it. My hubby was convinced it was trash and that I should not buy it.

I, on the other hand, decided that it was worth the risk. I mean, I am an amazon prime member. Therefore, the hair would arrive in two days and if I liked it then awesome but if it was not worth it then it can simply be sent back. Amazon offers great customer service to prime members.

My First Impressions

  • When the hair arrived it was packaged fairly cheaply. It had only a bag and sticker, no labels or description. I laughed and said well, this doesn’t look promising.
  • I opened the packed and to my surprise, it was not a bad feeling. It didn’t feel like human hair (of course not) but it also didn’t feel like total plastic.
  • The Curls were decent enough for me. I usually like to play with extensions a bit and I think that this one can be teased to my liking. Even without teasing it still looks good.
Afropuff PonyTail
Afro puff ponytail
  • The size of it was not bad, I did order a large because my hair is on the shorter side. I am hoping to put the puff with very little of my hair being left out. If you have longer hair you can order a smaller size.
  • The shade of the hair is #4. It looks a bit on the browner side but it works well for a puff. However, they do offer a variety of shades for you to choose from.

Product Specifications:

  • Style: Synthetic Curly Afro Puff
  • Color: Number 4
  • Size: Large
  • Price: –click here to view
  • Rating: 5 Stars (taking into consideration the cost, its good for what is being paid)

I will be doing a post on a variety of protective styles that can be done with this hair. Stay tuned for it.

Have you ever bought a cheap hair extension? What was your experience?

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