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    Pros and Cons of Hemp Milk as a Milk Substitute

    Have you heard good or bad things about hemp milk? or have you never heard of hemp milk? If you never heard of hemp milk then this article will introduce you to it and provide you with the pros and cons of hemp milk.  What is hemp milk?  Hemp Milk is a form of plant-based milk that is slowly making its way as the mainstream alternative to cows milk.  Similar to other kinds of plant-based milk, hemp milk is made from seeds. The seeds used to produce hemp milk is .. none other than hemp seeds. But, no need to worry, the seeds from the hemp plant only contain trace…

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    Boost Your Mood Every day by Stretching the Stress Away

    I know it sounds cliche to say that working out or stretching will boost your mood but I will say it anyway. Working out will boost your mood. However, as a working woman with many things to do, perhaps a business to run and even children it may be hard to find the time to work out. No worries, in this article, I will share with you one tip to help boost your mood and get you working out. I will also give you 5 ideas of places that you can get the work done; adding it seamlessly into your day. And, if you do work out on a regular,…