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How to do Crochet Braid Faux Locs: Protective Style

With natural hair, it is very important that you do protective styles and crochet braid is a simple and quick style to help you. Protective styles are a great way to tuck your hair away as it strengthens and grows out. With protective styling you reduce manipulation on your hair and that in turn promotes growth retention. During the winter months, our natural hair can get very dry and withstand damage, for this reason, you should do protective styling during this time.

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There are many ways in which you can protect your hair. This month, I am rocking some crochet braid faux locs and I will be sharing this style with you.

DIY Crochet Braid Faux Locs

In doing Crochet Braid you just need a few items. There is a wide variety of crochet braid hair that you can choose from. I wanted a faux locs look so that was the one I purchased. Regardless of the style of hair that you choose to do your crochet braid, the technique will be the same.
Crochet braids can be done with single braided hair or on top of cornrows. I did mine on cornrows because my hair is very short. If you do not know how to do cornrows you can have someone do them for you.
What you need:

You can find similar items to the ones pictured above on Amazon, here are some suggestions:

After you have gotten your hair braided and gathered your materials these are the steps to follow.

  1. Moisturize your scalp and hair
  2. Choose a cornrow to begin working on
  3. Insert latch hook through cornrow
  4. Using the loop at the tip of the braid, Put hair on the latch hook
  5. Close the hook
  6. Pull the hook back through the cornrow
  7. Open the loop then pull the end of the braid through said loop
  8. Tighten
  9. Repeat until you have desired fullness
  10. Lay your edges and SLAY

Average time: 2 hours
If you still need more guidance on how to do crochet braid faux locs, here is a quick instructional video that I have created for you.

When I do protective styles, I usually keep them for at least one (1) month. One month should be appropriate time but you can keep them for less or more time depending on your preference. If you decide to keep them in longer then you can clean your scalp in between using cotton balls and some form of hair astringent of your choice.
I hope you enjoyed this quick guide to crochet braid faux locs: protective style.
Let me know if you gave it a try and how it turned out.
Love, Light, and Peace. Until Next Time.

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