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Serenity- A Poem by a Caribbean Poet Al Flemming.

Serenity – By Al Flemming a Caribbean Poet and Author.



The wind commands the attention of not only my body,

But my soul,

As my very being is lifted gently by the salty surprise that each breath provides.

A feeling all too familiar.

My eyelids collapse for a mere moment as I feel truly at peace.


This is when she catches me off-guard.

Her waves creep up on me softly.

Disguised by the spell which the wind has cast.

Her touch is gentle.

Her waves brush my feet as the sand massages my sole.

But she is a shy one.

When I turn to greet her,

She retreats from my grasp.

Yet the white carpet that she has laid beckons me.

Her beauty complemented by the gift of the Sun causes her eyes to glisten like the first day we met.

I believe I am in love.

As the Sun heads home,

The moon appears to play a gentle melody. 

One that causes your heart to stop and race at the same time.

For this is a true love.

I need not utter a word as my presence alone betrays my intentions.

For tonight,

I wish to just hold her.

And at that moment,

I know she will hold me tight.

By Al Flemming

WOW! Wasn’t that poem just an amazing read. I must say Al surely has a way with words. As do many Caribbean poets.

Hello, welcome to yet another entry in our motivated people series. I am bringing this post to you today because last Thursday I spoke about my nomination for the Bloggers Recognition Award. It’s a great thing when the content you create is noticed by others.

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This week we are joined by a great author and Caribbean poet Al Flemming. Al is a former colleague and current friend of mine. We met during my time at University and let’s just say we will be friends forever.

Al has always demonstrated great leadership skills and a strong will to get things done that I have always admired. Added to that, he is a great person and many others would agree. He is very popular and very supportive. How do you do it AL?

I asked Al to be our feature this week because I wanted to give you guys a treat. The gift of poetry. Tis the season! I chose to open with the poetry but here is Al’s Story and a bit of insight as to home he started writing novels and poems.

The following was written by Al Flemming- Caribbean Poet in response to the titled questions.

What motivates you? (Generally) 

My actions have always been guided by the mantra instilled in me, as a young boy, by my family: “Always do your best”. This has been the main source of my motivation for many of the obstacles and challenges in my life. My Accounting degree at UWI Mona Campus was no exception to this rule. I wanted to make, not only my family proud, but also myself as I kickstarted my career with hard work and dedication.

It was by no means easy and there were many times that I wondered if I had made the right choice. But with the support of God, my family, and my friends I was able to walk across that stage with a first-class honours degree in Accounting.


What motivates you to write? 

I have always loved writing. As I grew older, I specialized in poetry and novels. In my opinion, writers bring words to life; commanding the attention of your senses as your conscious is rocked. My main motivation for writing is to spread positivity and to tell stories that immerse readers in a world that truly feels realistic. I have two muses; Nature and Music, and I encourage everyone to try their hand at writing. You never know what hidden talent God has blessed you with.

Support Al’s work

Being the awesome and talented person that he is, Al is not only a published Caribbean poet but also a published Caribbean author. He is the author of a book titled “Trouble in Paradise”. Please support AL’s work by purchasing your very own copy. It is available on Amazon and you can find it here: Trouble In Paradise.

A synopsis

A detective wishing to escape a tragic event in his life, travels to the peaceful island of Nevis. His quiet getaway quickly transforms into a race against time as an international criminal finds his way upon Nevis’ shores. Will Detective Stronghold give up on retirement to track down this madman or will the criminal succeed uncontested? – From Trouble in Paradise by AL Flemming

2020 Update: Since the posting of this entry, Al has taken his passion for food to the next level. He currently operates an Instagram food blog called Gourmet de Lion where he shares Caribbean cuisine Please content to support his work.

Summing It Up

Thank you, Al, for blessing my blog with your marvelous words, and thank you for being a supportive friend.

Hard work and dedication definitely took Al places and I encourage you (my readers) to allow it to take you places too.

Apply for that Job!
Write that book!
Chase that Dream!

Love, light, and Peace. Until next time.

Shanice DK.

Shanice DK is a Freelance Writer within the beauty and wellness niche. She enjoys spending time in nature, writing, and crafting handmade items. You can catch up with Shanice on her business website - Or on Instagram @faithnturtles.

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  1. That was such a lovely piece of work that you chose. I forget how much I love reading poetry so thank you for leaving your link for me to find some!
    Keep it up, I really enjoyed!

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