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3 Highly-Effective Tips to increase Blogging Productivity

As a blogger, there are many tasks that you absolutely must do. Therefore being a more productive blogger during the time you delegate to blog work is no question. In this short and sweet article, I will be sharing with you my top 3 ways to become a more productive blogger. 

Let me be clear. There are many things that you can do to increase your blogging productivity. I’ve seen a list of “30 tips to increase blogging productivity”. With research and a little expertise, I’ve narrowed this list down to my top three tips because too much information will do the opposite of getting you to be a more productive blogger. Too much of anything is never good so, I will not overload you.

The productivity tips that you will see on this list are things you’ve heard before but I’ve broken them down into easy to practice things that will get you to be more productive in no time. I’ve also created a free resource for you to use and put some of the things mentioned in practice. 

 Let’s get into it. 

How to increase blogging output

1. Time management 

This seems to be no brainer right? Well, not really. You see when I say time-management, I mean planning your time then using the allotted time to do exactly what you say you are going to do.

Firstly, stop multi-tasking. Before knowing this I use to always multi-task (literally…all the time). Then I realized that multitasking doesn’t really work out. Because, without knowing, you end up spending way more time than if you single tasked it.

Time-management is not only essential for every professional but its a skill that you must master. As a blogger, there are various tasks that you need to do such as:

  • Writing new web content or hiring a freelance writer like myself (shameless plug but I am available for writing projects, contact me.)
  • Updating top-performing articles
  • Social media and Email marketing
  • Overall Content promotion

So, how do you manage time? One proven strategy that has worked for me and many others is time-blocking. With time-blocking, you specify which activity you will work on within a span of time.

Ex. From 9 am-10 am I will be drafting wellness blog articles. At 10 am if I am not done with that task then so be it, I need to move on to my next task at that time. With this, you not only get things done but you force yourself to work. If 10 am approaches and you aren’t done then you bear the consequences. 

A tip: Ensure that the task you are setting can be completed using the allotted time. 

To help you get started with time-blocking, I’ve created a time-blocking printable for you which you can download for free by clicking here.  

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2. Avoid Distractions by being Proactive

The next big thing that you need to do to ensure or increase blogging productivity is to avoid distractions by being proactive. 

Distractions come in all forms. For instance, say you are working on Pinterest content then you suddenly remember that you forgot to pay a bill. You stop what you are doing and go to do that task before you know it, Its dinner time and you didn’t complete your promotion activity. That there is a distraction.

One way you can avoid distractions like the former is by maintaining a to-do list. This way you won’t forget to pay the bill. If you do forget once, it’s on your list so you can simply complete the task you are working on then move on to the next. 

Another thing, is to avoid distractions on your to-do list. Sometimes to-do lists are stressful, because you are looking at the many things you have on it.

Tip: Focus on top 3

With the free printable, you’ll see that the to-do list section is based on Top-3 items vs Other items. This way you can see what’s really important and tackle those first. Focus on the top 3 goals/to-do’s for the day, once those are done, it should be a successful day as they should be that important.

Distraction also comes from searching unrelated content on the web. I love learning so I do this all the time. I go to research for an article than I am writing for a client then I end up researching other unrelated things. Before you know it my time allotted client time is almost over and I am behind. Try to focus on the tasks at hand. It takes practice but you can do it. If you are still having trouble then try using a soft-ware with distraction free-writing mode. 

One way to maintain focus, is to always know what you are working on. For bloggers, I’ve created a template that you can use to keep track of what you are currently working on. 

In the template each box is a category, select the category then write in the tasks you need to cover. This way you can simply pick it up and see where you are if you get lost.  Get it sent straight to your email.

3. Develop and maintain healthy work-from-home habits. 

Healthy work from home habits are those habits that allow you to be productive and healthy while working. These activities range from ensuring that you are hydrated to doing yoga at your desk. Simple things like these will go along way in ensuring that you stay focused and become a more productive blogger, doing what you need to in the time that you have.

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I often try to keep my workspace lively by adding an essential oil diffuser, a plant, sitting next to a window and always having my water bottle next to me. I also try to do desk yoga when I remember. Give these things a try.

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During my time blogging, being productive during blog work periods has been a challenge and to be honest I am still working at it. Take your time and do what works best for you to increase your blogging productivity or output. 

If you’ve been blogging for a while, share some of your blogging productivity tips in the comments below. 

Until next time.

Love, light, and peace. 

Shanice DK

Shanice DK is a Freelance Writer within the beauty and wellness niche. She enjoys spending time in nature, writing, and crafting handmade items. You can catch up with Shanice on her business website - Or on Instagram @faithnturtles.

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