Low-Stress Last Minute Gift Ideas for Him, Him and Him.

So, its December 17th and if you are like me then it means you still haven’t done Christmas shopping as yet. It’s late, the streets are busy and you still need to be going to work; save some time and shop online.
Gift shopping can be a great experience as long as you have suggestions or ideas, a planned budget and a person that just appreciates the thought more than the item itself. My rule is, get something useful and thoughtful, do not over think it. Shirts and watches are nice but he can buy those himself so you won’t see those listed here.
Oh, and BTW, this post contains affiliate links. This means that if you like these gifts and want to purchase by clicking the links in red, you will also be supporting my blog at no extra cost to you. 
This quick last minute gift guide will feature gifts for all the “Him’s” in your life. I hope you like it.

Christmas Gifts for Grandpa, Spouse, Dad, Uncles, and Friends.

BBQ Grill Tool Set 

If the him you are shopping for likes to grill then this is the perfect set. This is a thoughtful gift and it will definitely come in handy on the same day you gift it, Christmas day/ Family food day. Get this item here
Homitt Stainless Steel Coffee Tumbler

This gift is perfect for the hardworking men in your life. Never let the people you love leave home without a warm beverage again. It is also great for keeping drinks and water nice and cold. Shop This Item here
Sofa Arm Clip Table 

This item is so unique and useful. While watching his favorite shows this item will be handy for holding drinks, snack, cell phone, and the remote. It will also prevent dad, hubby, uncle, cousin and friends from losing the remote under the cushion because this is very annoying. Shop this Christmas gift item here
Bacon Express Crispy Bacon Grill 

This one is for the bacon lovers. Isn’t this just neat and nice? This will make the perfect Christmas gift for him. Let him get the bacon read while you prepare the eggs. Get This item here
Reading Pillow with Memory Foam 

This item is perfect for anyone to relax on. If he likes to read, watch sports or play games then this item will keep him comfy while saving you a back rub. There will be fewer backaches and pains with this pillow. Get this Christmas gift item Here
Whiskey Stones and Drinking Glass Gift Set

This item is unique. If he likes to have a drink or two once in a while then this set will be perfect. It comes with two glasses and the stones are used to cool the drink. Get this here
Desk Organizer

Help keep him organized. This gift item is perfect for home or office. Get this Here

Men need to take care of their feet too. If he works hard, then get him this gift for Christmas and treat him to a foot spa. This is also a great way to spend some quality time with dad or grandpa, you can give them a biweekly foot massage. Get this here
Beard Grooming Set 

Oh, the beard! Not much needs to be said about this fabulous set. Get This here
Raw Smokers Kit
Bundle - 11 Items - Rolling Paper Depot RAW Smoker's Kit - Includes Air Tight Carrying Case, Rolling Papers, Cigarette Maker, Pre Rolled Tips Grinder and More
For where it is legal! This set is perfect for the people who value Mari. Get this here

All gifts listed are extremely affordable, click to check the prices.

Get all these items on Amazon and have them delivered in two days, just in time for Christmas. If you don’t have prime as yet then try 30 days free by clicking here.
If you live in Jamaica then worries not, Destination ATC will take care of all your delivery needs. Contact their representative on Instagram or by phone: 1876 882 0194.
That’s all for Blogmas Day 4. Love, Light, and Peace.

6 Comments on “Low-Stress Last Minute Gift Ideas for Him, Him and Him.

  1. Fab ideas! I am liking the sofa table thing, I think I’d even like that myself haha! My partner actually wants a coffee cup thing so that’s handy!! I hope you can get your Christmas shopping finished in time, I panicked in the first week of December because I hadn’t started it but I’ve done most of it now!
    Chloe Chats xx

    1. Lol haha I said the same thing. I’m here thinking the best gifts are the ones that I can use too 😆. Hopefully I’ll get it done by tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by 🦋

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