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How to Invest in your Emotional Healing

Emotional Healing? What does Emotional healing mean to you?

To me, emotional healing means overcoming or accepting a hurtful event to a point where my thoughts do not haunt me anymore.

Now, emotional problems may come from a number of factors such as recent loss (of a job, opportunity, loved one), fear, feelings of unworthiness, stress, abuse, changes, health conditions and many other events.

In order to heal emotionally I believe that we must invest in that healing. This means that we must do things for the healing to take place. There must be a way made and strategic actions taken in order to overcome.

It is unrealistic to expect healing to suddenly find you when you are hurt. Just as you must actively seek out happiness you must actively seek out healing. In this article, I will list 4 ways that you can invest in your emotional healing.

4 ways to Invest In Your Emotional Healing

Read More Quotes, Books, Articles Etc

You will be surprised how much reading and learning more about human and human interactions can help your life. Many time people go though problems and they feel as if they are alone. You are not alone. This problem that you are facing many people before you have faced it and lived to tell the stories. Seek the knowledge that is available to help you heal your life.

Personally, the first book I reach for in times of stress is the bible. There is always a bible verse that makes me feel better so per my recommendation, reach for a bible. There are also many self-help books that will help you in more ways than one.

I am currently Reading: It Didn’t Start with You: How Inherited Family Trauma Shapes Who We Are and How to End the Cycle by Mark Wolynn

This book has been helping me to understand how trauma that was experienced by our parents and grandparents may have influence over our lives. The book also gives ways in which you can heal and move past such traumas. I must say that some of the examples in the book are on the extreme end of emotional problems so, read with that in mind.

Stop Seeking Out Traumatic News or Posts

Let me repeat: STOP SEEKING OUT TRAUMATIC NEWS or POST. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with watching the news or staying aware but you must think about how seeing such news will affect your mental health.

Many times the news and social media will have you to think life is either too horrific or too glamorous when neither is the case. Seeing too good of life may be traumatic to you while seeing too bad of life may be traumatic to others. It really depends on who you are but regardless I would advise that you consume both moderately or not at all.

Personally, I believe that everyone has an equal mix. The only thing constant is change and with that, it’s hard to think that your life will have the same face year after year. Don’t live a life of fear or comparison based on what you read in the news or on social media. Your emotions will thank you.

Be Vulnerable – Open Up

Vulnerability. Many people do not like to appear vulnerable. They refrain from sharing feelings, experiences or even bonding because they fear vulnerability or feeling ashamed. There is nothing wrong with being vulnerable and opening up to someone. Life sometimes gets too hard to handle and talking to someone can be very helpful.

Isolation may seem easier but in the end, it will not be worth it. God made two (2) and not one (1) which means that at some point in time each of us will need someone. Lean on your friends and family and know that it’s okay to feel and express your feelings.

Get Busy

Emotional Pain can often turn into creative expression. Have you ever listened to songs that just mend your heart? Well, I like to think that those musicians must have endured something (direct or indirect) in order to produce music that heals. A lot of the times people do things to cope, they write a book or sing a song.

I encourage you to find your hobby, find your why. It may be something you’ve started before but lost passion for or it may be a new hobby which you must develop. Whatever it is, find it and get busy.

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Summing it up

In this post we discussed ways to invest in your emotional healing. The four ways listed are :

  • Invest in materials that will help you understand more about yourself and human interactions; books and blog articles which can be accessed via google are a great way to start.
  • Try not to indulge in news or content that may be traumatizing to you.
  • Be vulnerable with your emotions, open up to someone.
  • Turn your pain into purpose by getting busy and creative.

QOTD: How have you invested in your emotional Healing?

Shanice DK is a Freelance Writer within the beauty and wellness niche. She enjoys spending time in nature, writing, and crafting handmade items. You can catch up with Shanice on her business website - Or on Instagram @faithnturtles.


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