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    Merry Christmas- Blogmas Day 12

    This post is short and sweet. Literally. Today is the last day of Blogmas and I just want to thank everyone who stuck with me for these 12 days. I would also like to take the opportunity to say MERRY CHRISTMAS and I will see you all in the New Year. May all your wishes come true and may you achieve all your goals for 2019. Happy cooking, eating, and family time. Love, Light, and Peace.

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    Christmas Tag

    Day 11! Wow almost done with my first blogmas. Today’s post is a Christmas tag. I was nominated by Rev. Rebecca from BeckieWrites and I just want to say thank you so to her for this nomination. The Rules Thank the blogger who tagged you and link to their blog. Thank you so much BeckieWrites List the rules in the post Answer all questions asked by the blogger Nominate other bloggers and provide them with 12 questions! My answers to her Questions Do you celebrate Christmas? Or do you celebrate another winter holiday, like Hanukkah? Or, perhaps you don’t celebrate at all. I would like to hear about your traditions! Growing…

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    Free 2019 Desktop Calendar

    Hello All! It is day 10 of my 12 days of Blogmas. Today’s post is short and sweet. When I started my blog back in October I did not know exactly what I was doing or what it would eventually mean to me. My blogging journey from October until now has been spectacular. I have met awesome people from all over the world and I have shared many positive messages. Today, on this 10th day I just want to say thank you to you, my subscribers. Thank you for allowing me to share my writing and thoughts with you. It is my wish that 2019 will be a successful year…

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    Still, No Presents yet? Here are a few DIY Gift Ideas.

    So, Sometimes we get so busy that the things we want to happen just don’t happen. Perhaps you didn’t get paid in time or you didn’t get the gifts you wanted. In situations like these, you must find alternatives and just Push on Through. Other times we just want to give a personalized gift to express our deepest thoughts. In this post, I will give you a list of DIY gift ideas. Here is the list: Personalized Beaded Bracelets- You can make a set of beaded bracelets for your loved one. Here is a set that I made as a Birthday gift. Personalized Calendar- You can make these by using Canva…

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    What Jamaicans Eat for Christmas – Food Guide

    Hey Guys! so being that food is a huge part of a Caribbean Christmas, I’ve decided to bring you a post on Caribbean Food. From the start of Blogmas, I’ve been Telling you all about My Experience Growing up in Antigua and Barbuda. But today I g=will give you a guide to Jamaica Food. The still of this post will be embedded youtube videos of some of my favorite Jamaican Food. So what are Jamaicans Eating For Christmas? My Mom is Jamaican so although I grew up in Antigua I ate mostly Jamaican meals. Now this first item I will list is not what most people will have for breakfast…

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    My Christmas Wish-list – Blogmas Day 6

    Hey All! So in Keeping with the gift theme, I’ve decided to post Gifts that I want to get myself for Christmas today. But hey! guess what. I finally completed my Christmas shopping. Honestly, it was such a hassle because many of the items that I wanted wouldn’t have been delivered in time for Christmas. Thankfully, I was not set on them and I was able to find alternatives. I haven’t been able to buy anything for myself as yet but I will try to do so tonight. Yes, I am gifting myself. I have worked so hard this year and I have been through so much yet I am…

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    Low-Budget Last Minute Gifts for Her

    Last minute shopping, whew. Personally, I still haven’t completed my shopping as yet. But, while putting together this guide I saw some great items that I will be gifting to some of the awesome women in my life. These items are perfect for telling the women in your life that you recognize their hard work and you appreciate them. It also tells them .. Hey! treat yourself. Self-care is very important so it would be amazing if you can promote that message with self-care items. Oh, this post contains some affiliate links. This means that if you like these gifts just click the link in red to purchase. When you…

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    Low-Stress Last Minute Gift Ideas for Him, Him and Him.

    So, its December 17th and if you are like me then it means you still haven’t done Christmas shopping as yet. It’s late, the streets are busy and you still need to be going to work; save some time and shop online. Gift shopping can be a great experience as long as you have suggestions or ideas, a planned budget and a person that just appreciates the thought more than the item itself. My rule is, get something useful and thoughtful, do not over think it. Shirts and watches are nice but he can buy those himself so you won’t see those listed here. Oh, and BTW, this post contains…

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    Creating New Christmas Traditions, A Caribbean-Nigerian Couple

    My perspective: Christmas in The Caribbean Christmas Traditions. For me, I didn’t grow up in a home that celebrated Christmas. My family is Adventist by faith and they have different rules/views in regards to Christmas. This means that as a child, I never read Christian Christmas Stories, I never decorated a Christmas tree nor put up Christmas lights, I never went Christmas shopping, I never laid cookies out for Santa and I never had presents to open on Christmas morning. I also never felt like I was at a disadvantage. You see, I grew up in the Caribbean and while for some Caribbean people Christmas is a “huge deal” for others…

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    5 Ways to Rock your TWA over the Holidays

    The natural hair journey is often not the easiest roads to trod. However, I’ve never regretted going natural or having TWA hair. For me, I change my hair with life changes. My first time going natural was 2012 when I completed high school. In 2014, I decided to try Jerry Curls and I absolutely hated it after a few months. I then decided to do my second big chop just before starting University. In my final year of University, I decided to embark on a Loc Journey. I loved my locs, but a major life event occurred when I turned 23 so I decided to start fresh and I did…